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Applying to Ontario Med Schools.

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Hi, I just joined Premed101, but I'm a longtime guest. I am entering my 3rd year at UTSC, specializing in neuroscience. My first year was really eye opening, but I slacked off and got a 83% average, but I pulled myself together 2nd year and got a 88%, earning around 700 hours volunteer hours total at a hospital and museum. I think that is a 3.7 or 3.8 GPA so far(correct me if I'm wrong). I've done a few MCAT training courses, my scores vary from 29-35, and I'd be really happy if I score a 32 or 33.


Personally, reading and seeing the acception rates for med schools has really made me very pessimistic about my and my application, but trying is better than worrying.


I suppose I keep my 85ish average, get 1k of volunteer hours, good EC's, 33ish MCAT scores, will I get into Ontario med schools?


My first choice is UofT, my aim is for the schools listed below. Could you guys tell me if I have shot?













I'm going to try my hardest these next few years, pull my GPA/average to a 90%/3.9, aiming for the big fat letter from U of T Med.


I thank you for taking your time to read this!


Are campuses selected by us or by the school? Can we choose?

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Hi Rabbitfrog


From what little experience I have, I can say that you have a really good chance of getting into medical school after 4th year if you pull up your GPA to 3.9ish on the UofT scale.


I'd just like to add here though, that rather than concentrating on racking up volunteering hours (a good activity, no doubt), maybe this year work on diversifying your experiences and getting more leadership experience (in student groups, at your hospital, in the community, etc.)


Also, in terms of MCAT - do not concentrate on your total score. Concentrate on passing a 9,9,9 N barrier for UofT and for the other schools getting at least 11 on VR and BS and a Q or R in writing.


I applied last year and eventually it worked out, but I wish someone had given me the above mentioned advice when I was in undergrad and so I'm passing it on to you.

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Sorry to be a wet blanket, rabbitfrogg, but it's mathematically impossible for your raw OMSAS cGPA for U of T to be 3.90 if you have an 83% in your first year.


Unless you took full courseload every year, then you are eligible for U of T weighting formula. In this case, then it's possible that your GPA go up after dropping your worst courses.


Then again, U of T is one of the most competitive schools, so getting 85ish, 33R on MCATs makes you only a typical applicant. Bear in mind that there are many applicants with that academic score.

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Sure you have a decent shot but so much depends upon essay for U/T, how you write your ABS and most importantly of all, the MMI.


No matter how good a candidate is on paper, the MMI is so very important as is the pool for a given cycle. You are aware that applicants with a 4.0 are routinely rejected every year and that there are more awesome applicants than there are seats.


You should definitely apply to McGill and will need to kill the abstract.

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