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writing sample... MAJOR CONCERN!


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okay... so i wrote my test today, and i know I shouldnt sit here and think about this, nothing i can do about it... BUT i have to ask.


So the AAMC tests dont have the "save" button on the writing sample, or if they do... i never noticed it :s... and i was so happy to see my first prompt that i just started writing, without really noticing the "save" button. I did however press it after finishing my SECOND essay.


So my question is... if i never pressed the save button on my first essay... it still gets to them right? I just assumed that button was there incase of computer freezing or something... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pleaseee someone tell me that they aren't going to get a blank essay from me for not pressing the 'save' button.


Please... give me hope. lol



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