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I have completed my undergraduate degrees in Biology and Nursing from a university outside of Canada. I have written my undergrad thesis, worked as an RN back home, and was very involved in nursing education/quality assurance in the hospital where I worked. My grades are pretty decent, but when I had my transcripts evaluated by WES, they indicated that my GPA is only 3.33.


I am an immigrant in my late 20's, did entry-level jobs, and am now close to being a Registered Nurse here in Alberta. I did a year of volunteering. I took the MCAT (I wish I took it after my Biology degree when I took the prereqs! It is quite a challenge to write it seven years after my prereqs). I am applying to UBC.


I am thinking of pursuing master's degree in nursing to improve my GPA, just in case I have to reapply.



Is there anyone here who is in a similar situation, or anyone from UBC who can give me some advice? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much! :)

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