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LWD on transcript

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During my first year at U of T, I dropped a course after the drop date. It shows up on the transcript with LWD (late withdrawal) instead of a grade. Needless to say U of T (Arts and Science .. don't know about U of T medicine) ignores it.


But there's no option for late withdrawal on OMSAS and I put 'Inc' for it. It counted it as a 0 and it DESTROYED my GPA ....


Is it meant to be included? Is that how such withdrawals are treated?


PS. I searched the forums and couldn't find definitive answers. Some said they got away without including those courses while others said it's a straight 0.


Edit: to clarify, U of T does not count the course at all. It is not failed course and it is not an incomplete (i.e. failed) course either. It simply doesn't count. But it is reported on the transcript because it was dropped late. Then again OMSAS has no option for 'withdrawn', so I'm wandering if I can just not include it or put 'Inc' and go find another career...

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Related to this thread, can anyone confirm what an INC grade (incomplete) from the U of Toronto will result in for overall OMSAS GPA? Unlike some universities, the U of Toronto 'INC' grade is issued in particular cases where an 'Fail' is not warranted, http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/adminsupport/memos/0809/006.htm (ie, it explicitly is not an F and does not count in the U of Toronto GPA total); however, I'm worried OMSAS may hold a different opinion :(



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