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Transferring from UTM to York - advice needed!

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1) psych is an ok major and easy enough as long as u enjoy it.


2) schools dont care about gtransfering but they will take into account your other years GPA. unless you take 4 years and drop the 1st year.


3) as long as the prereqs match u dont need to retake them (unless you did bad in them cause even if they dont use them in entrance it doesnt look good)


To be honest, I wouldnt try for UofT, they require a ridiculously high GPA. With your GPA you may want to look at US schools unless you can get to a 3.8~. Hate to be blunt, but even though easier courses its hard to imagine a jump for 30% in grades for anyone unless they forgot to do an exam etc. (sorry if this comes of mean). But look into canadian friendly US schools and start to look for LORs start volunteering etc. But if UofT is your dream then continue on this path and i wish u the best of luck!

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