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Studying med in Flinders - OZ

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Hello all,


I just wanted to know what other people (who has done extensive research on IMG option; currently a student at Flinders or any other other oz med) think about the situation that I have going on .


I applied to Flinders University and got admission e-mail the other day. I did some research about Oz med school and Flinders was the only one that I applied. I have to pay the first installment of tuition in order to secure my place by september 30 (school starts on Feb).


One of the things I don't know...housing (how to get a place, fair rent price, which area is good, what does rent usually include, when to apply for the place; link for housing ad) or what is needed to move down there and above all, the internship situation. It was explictly stated in the letter that there is no gurantee for internship position which is so critical.


Being aware of the medical school tsunami in coming years, I was wondering what current student were thinking about the situation.

(and also to check if this is correct, 4 year MBBS --> 1 year internship (paid)--> residency of your choice for how many years? ; any exams to write (like USMLE step 1 and 2? beside the certification exam)

so I guess, although money and finance is the problem I want to know about the prospect and the education itself.



The reason why I'm so iffy about the whole situation is mainly because of the price tag and also because I have to put down the payment by sept 30, and I haven't really heard from US med school....although the application was completed early August, my one reference came in really late (like early september so my application wasn't completed until that....really feels crappy about that, but what can I do? it was after 3 reminder e-mails too lol). I guess, for me US school is more desirable than Oz...but I only know of the outcome of the Oz school and it's constrained time.




I haven't started Canadian med school application because after being rejected while in undergrad and grad I feel I don't have a chance... the only thing that changed from last year's application is not much...and my mcat is not that spectacular too (30, 10 in v).


information about Flinders and situation in OZ would be greatly appreciated and what to do with gap year lol.


I really don't want to consider other careers,,, and making a compromise between your dream and reality is proving much difficult.

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Do you feel you have a decent chance at American schools? If you think that you have a good shot of getting in then perhaps you should try to defer for a year. Your professional life will be heaps easier if you graduate from an NA school.


If you do decide to come to Oz then come with the expectation that you won't be able to get an internship spot. IMO SA internationals will be able to get spots for the next 2-3 years but beyond that I really can't say. I spoke with a SA IMET representative (they handle internship allocation) and there were ~20 extra spots in the Jan. 2012 intern cohort (Dec. 2011 grads) after SA+interstate domestic and SA internationals had been allocated spots. There will be roughly 30 extra grads next year (Jan. 2013 intern cohort) but the SA IMET rep said ~15 spots would be created so the rep was fairly confident SA internationals who want an intern spot will get allocated. However, the situation gets a whole lot murkier after 2015 as state governments (except Tasmania) have guaranteed an intern spot for domestic grads up until that time. SA internationals have always had the best shot at getting intern spots because: 1. SA didn't have the massive increase in med students as compared to other states and 2. SA internationals are prioritized higher than interstate internationals when it comes to intern allocations. Thus as long as spots are guaranteed for domestic grads in-state then SA internationals should still be OK for internship. But what happens when that guarantee is no longer in place? That is something that should be at the forefront of any discussion regarding whether or not to come to Flinders. Again, if you do decide to come don't expect to stay for internship.


In terms of the school itself: good quality, good reputation, high tuition. You need to be motivated in the PBL system but if you put in the work you will be fine.

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