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Examples and Counter-Examples on WS: Should they be regarding the same topic?


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I know that it is a common convention to give both an example and counter-example on the Written Section of the MCAT. However, has anyone given examples that were in completely different realms and still managed to score well?


For example, with a broad question, would my essay be weakened if my "for" example pertained to war while my "against" example was on the topic of healthcare?

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Hi Macbook, hope your summer's been a good one.


You raise a good point concerning logic.


I would personally use examples from different fields, sectors, and even academic disciplines. They may be different, but a common thread can be found between them somehow, perhaps through a larger theme, or just through the prompt itself. It seems to add breadth to the essay, making it more applicable to larger themes in life. As long as the essay makes sense, and the examples fit with the essay, it should be fine.


There may be progress in technology such as better smartphones, and there may be progress in religion, business, or even sociology. As long as the dots are connected nicely, there is a good score in store. Involving other areas may be useful in devising a rule for the arbitration step...While it's true that progress complicates matters in technology, it can actually simplify things in other sectors such as in business...

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