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Indecision with references


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I'm a long-time lurker who came out of the shadows :) So, I had some questions that I thought would be better answered by people who've been through the admission progress, especially at McGill, where it's so different from anywhere else in Quebec.


So, I was wondering what kind of person I should choose to be my referees. I made a list of teachers and people in my community who I would like to write a letter of reference for me, but I'm still not sure about them.


I've got, so far:


- my program coordinator, who was also my history teacher and will be my geography teacher next semester


- my philosophy teacher


- my french teacher


- one of my old high school teacher, who was in charge of an entrepreneurial project in which I was involved for 2 years as president and 1 year as a volunteer


I noticed afterwards that I don't really have a referee whose domain is natural sciences. Is it a problem? I didn't really get to know any of my science teachers at CÉGEP and I feel like asking a reference from them would be detrimental to my application, as they don't know me as well as the people I've mentioned earlier.


Thanks for your answers :)

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