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Hey guys, first off. I know that research based masters degrees are better for premed and all that but I'm not into lab research, I find it boring... no offence. Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew of some good course based masters degrees in the sciences preferably medical sciences. I know theres a course based masters in clinical anatomy at UWO which I think I'll be applying to. Anyone know of any other degrees?


I'm planning on taking a masters if I don't get into med this year. I know this is the wrong way to think about it but it seriously is only to make my application better/fill another year and a bit while i wait on med. Id be interested in some clinical research but I'm not sure if that kind of degree is offered? I don't know much, I'm trying to look into it now but I thought I'd ask for some direction here. P.s. I live in toronto

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Depends on your interests.


There's a Masters in Clinical Anatomy at UWO (Where you get to be a tutor for some med class anatomy courses).


Master's in Biostats at UofT (if you're into math)


MPH or MSc in Epi at any school




But I really think a research master's whether in basic sciences in a biological lab, clinical sciences (in a lab or with patients), or epidemiological sciences (computers + people) will serve you better DURING medical school when you learn the materials.


Plus, building connections with researchers during a graduate degree will go a long way if you're planning on the clinician-scientist route.

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