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Selling DAT materials

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I'm selling a bunch of DAT materials as one package. They consist of the following:


1) Kaplan DAT 08/09 Edition - comprehensive book with practice tests, and individual lesson sections for PAT, Chem, Bio, Reading, Orgo and Math (for the

American DAT) includes CD


2) IQ Publication (photocopies) - for Carving manual, Reading comprehension


3) Barron's "How to Prepare for the DAT" - more practice tests and some Bio/Chem not covered in the Kaplan book; better PAT prep than Kaplan


4) CDA DAT Preparation Book (with full length practice test and carving instructions)


5) Schaum's outlines Biology Second edition


6) Schaum's outlines Beginning Chemistry Second edition


7) CliffsAP Biology 2nd Edition -- (photocopies)


8) DAT Destroyer


9) Carving knife 16 carved soups and 2 uncarved brand new soaps


Selling for $250 and located in Mississauga. Please PM if interested.

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