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year of app taken in account?

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a quick question.

I am considering doing a 5th year, now in 4th. Will they consider my last 2/best 2 years gpa for 4th year, 2011 to 2012 and my 5th year which will be 2012 to 2013?


If I cant make it to get my year of application considered since my earlier years are not that great and I dont make the cgpa cutt off, what should I do post undergrad, 6th year? improve ECs?

I will be writing mcat this summer.

P.S I will be applying for the entry in sept. 2013, hopefully.

that means I will be doing my app towards the end of this year


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There are probably a lot of threads about this, but as Leon said, year of app is not counted.

Improving GPA is primary and only after that do they turn to ECs (plus, Queen's looks at 2 most recent years as opposed to UWO's 2 best).


If med is the only route you are aiming for and your grades for all years are sub-par, my suggestion would be pursuing a 2nd Honours (2 years +).

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