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My GPA conversion

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I went to a university in Alberta for 2 years and completed 62 credits at that institution with a GPA of 3.69

GPA scale of 4.0 = 94%+ and 3.7 = 90-94 and 3.3 = 85-90

I have written down all the percentages that I have received in those courses it adds to 91 %


then I switched transferred instituions, completed 15 credits and received a GPA of 3.17 (something bad happened)

GPA scale of 4.0 = 90+, 3.7 = 85-90 and 3.3 = 80-85 and 3.0 = 75-80 and 2.7 = 70-75

I also checked recorded my percentages and received a percentage of



in averaging these two scores with respect to the credits represented I have an average percentage of 88.46 %



If I applied to a university like Mcgill would they convert my cGPA based on their own GPA scale: 4.0 GPA = 85%+



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so then, by calculating my cGPA according to my percentages and the Mcgill GPA scale: I would currently have a 3.82 cGPA where my Alberta cGPA would be 3.54. So being out of province still, would I be competitive for an interview?


Probably not I think I read somewhere that the avg accepted was 3.9 for oop Hows your Alberta GPA so low?



http://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/prospective/undergrad/dmd (See statistics)


For McGill the average GPA of interviewed out-of-province candidates was 3.90. It's pretty high for OOP!


The lowest GPA of interviewed out-of-province candidates was 3.85


Last year, they accepted 6 OOPs and 20 IPs and the class consisted of a total of 26 students.

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