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how competitive to get in specialty program?

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I know many ppl would want to do specialty after dental school, but does anyone know how competitive it is? And do they make more money compared to general dentists?




I think your first question can answer you second question... If they don't make more money than general dentists, why would it be so competitive to get in?? :)

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Agree with your business strategy.


It is not necessary true with procedure taking longer, maybe for a GP who doesn't do them often.


Don't specialize because of money, you will get sick of it in less than several years into it, if not sooner.


Not all specialties make more money! I don't know, when is DPH highly competitive! j/k...


Yes, specialties are highly competitive and there are very few spots.

Yes, specialists can charge a lot more for what they do, but their cases are also often a lot more time consuming.

It does tend to work out to a higher income on average.


That said, the ceiling on what a general dentist can make is pretty high, and a lot higher if they choose their market carefully and have an excellent business plan...though most dental students have never taken a single business course.


I would personally do an MBA instead of specialty school if all I cared about was making my small business as profitable as possible.


Money's obviously not the only reason for specialty competition though.

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I think it's a generally accepted fact that specialists' average salaries are significantly higher than general dentists. But by the time you've completed four years of what I understand to be a gruelling dental program, your enthusiasm for more years of investment is likely to be radically different that looking at it now from the standpoint of just a completed undergrad.

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