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Hi Everyone,


Some of you already know my story. I completed my first UG at Mac with a low GPA (~3.3), then did my MSc at Mac and racked up some good research experience, TAship, publications, conference abstracts, awards, etc. My only attempt at the MCAT to date resulted in a 31O (BS 11, VR 9, PS 11, WS O). I applied to NOSM, Queens, Mac, and UofT this year. I've been rejected from all but UofT, which I'm still waiting on. I'm currently at UWO doing a second UG in Foods and Nutrition to bring my marks up because they're obviously a huge weakness on my application.


This year has gone extremely well so far. Last semester I had a very high GPA, and it's currently hovering around a 3.9-4.0 with some fun ECs. If all goes well, by the end of the school year I should have a 3.9-4.0 GPA for the year, with even more research experience, a total of 4 publications, and a reference letter from an Associate Dean at Schulich with whom I've been volunteering all school year.


I'm in a tough situation, though. With my current MCAT scores and my GPA from this year, UWO will be my best shot at an interview next year (I'm a SWOMEN applicant). It would also be my #1 choice. However, they only allow you to apply in your final year of a degree. With all of my transfer credits, I require 11.5 credits to obtain my degree. That means that with a full 5-course load this year and next year, I'll still need 1.5 courses (or 3 half-credit courses) to complete my degree. I'm also going to write the MCAT on August 10 of this year.


I'm supposed to be getting jaw surgery this summer to correct my bite. I just found out that the date I'm penciled in on is May 30th, right in the middle of summer classes. I'll probably be incapacitated for ~2 weeks, after which time I'll hope to be well enough to study. The problem with this is that I won't be able to take the 3 courses required to finish my degree in time to be eligible for Schulich. I'm hoping to get some insight and opinions on what I should do. Here are my options, as I see it:


1. Go ahead with the surgery and MCAT as planned, but don't take the 3 courses. Apply this cycle, but not to UWO.

2. Same as 1, but write an appeal to UWO and hope that they'll allow me to take the 3 courses the following summer and remain eligible.

3. Go ahead with the surgery and overload on courses next school year (take 6 and 7 courses in each semester). It would be tougher to maintain my high GPA, but it would make me eligible to apply to UWO.

4. Cancel the surgery and look at other options of correcting my bite. A few orthos have told me that surgery is the best option, but there are other less stable and less ideal options available. I could take the 3 courses, but it would prolong my time in braces.

5. Put off surgery for a year. This would waste a lot of money in ortho appointments over the next year and prolong my time in braces.


Any other options you guys see in this situation? What would you do? Thanks for your input!

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