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How soon can we re-write the MCAT after giving it once(thinking about it this summer)


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To begin, sorry if this is a stupid question.


I'm gonna write the MCAT this summer and I'm thinking of doing it in late June or early July.


From what I've heard, we can immediately re-register for the MCAT after taking it. Is this true?

So can I immediately register for an MCAT in september after taking it early July?


P.S. Would seats possibly be 100% full for september dates when I try early July?



Thanks for the help!

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I believe you can register for any session you want. Although, keep in mind that you also want to give yourself some time to prepare again, and adjust your strategies. So one month time may not be enough.


Not sure about the seats. I think if you are set one 1 location, the seats may be hard to come by so close to the dates. I don't have personal experience with this.

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You can re-register after 48 hours of the last writing (or is it 24 hours I'm not sure. Im sure that you cannot re-register right away after writing)

I did this myself last year. I wrote in early July, waited 48 hours and registered for another session. However, it took several attempts because it was all full except the ones in late September. I wanted late August so that I would know my scores prior to application. But spots do free up so if you don't find a desirable spot then keep refreshing.


Good luck!

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