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Apply as grad or if given the chance, undergrad?

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For those who are familiar with my posts, I tend to ask questions concerning graduate applicants.


I have recently heard that for those applying in their first year of their masters they can still apply as undergrads just in case they are uncertain of whether or not then will have their MSc completed by the required date (june 30 of the starting med school year).


If one were to apply as an undergrad instead of a grad, would that reflect poorly on them?



would the admissions board see it as a sign of a lack of confidence in their ability to finish on time? If anyone would like to know my reasoning it is mostly me trying to play it safe. I would hate to receive an acceptance under the condition I get my MSc within that time frame only to lose my acceptance for getting my degree after june 30.


p.s. thanks for any input ! :D

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