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IMG desirant recommencer les études de médecine


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Salut à tous.

pouvez vous s.v.p me conseiller: que faire si je veux recommencer les études de médecine ici au Canada???

Je suis un I.M.G de la Russie avec un G.P.A de 3,7 sur 4.

J'ai tenté cette année à laval, mais sans succès car après le calcul, ma cote R a donné 27,3 (????), donc refus.

y a t'il un moyen d'augmenter ma cote R en faisant un master ou bacc en ?????

ou quels sont les universités qui ne reduisent pas les GPA???

MERCI d'avance et bonne chance pour ceux qui sont encore dans la course...

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Why are you talking about your GPA and cote R if you are an IMG? How did you apply? In what category of students?


From what I know, the basic criteria to evaluate an IMG is his/er results for EEMCC exam (+/- QE1 and /or QE2),


also, being an IMG you are stuck with this category, you can apply just as an IMG, which is 2 to 3 spots for each university in Quebec per year.


I wouldn't say another bacc or master would give the opportunity to classified into another app pool, - or would be appropriate to ask this question directly to addcoms,


Also, keep in mind one small detail that make a big difference (canadian premeds wouldn't be so kind to tell you this, still would be enough polite to not speak about this at all) - you, as an IMG from Russsia, are in the same poll with other IMGs that come from Great britain, USA, Australia, that in fact are Canadian students which haven't been able to obtain a spot in Canada, so they are canadian IMGs, but in the same pool with another IMGs


This thing becomes more evident during CaRMS application, but anyway, one day you would face this too, I suppose...


wish you good luck

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