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Pros/Cons To The Two Sites?

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- New health Sci building

- Can build connections with physicians if you are interested in a residency in Saskatoon

- the majority of the class will be in Saskatoon.

- Won't have to move after 1st year.



- Doctor/student ratio is off. Less individual instruction and attention from doctors when shadowing etc.

- A certain degree of unorganization in the college

- It has been my impression that doctors are more tired of having students in Saskatoon than Regina. This may be alleviated somewhat by having greater distribution of students.





- Very welcoming staff

- 24/7 access to many of the educational facilities (sim lab), gym etc

- Less students/doctor and more individual attention




- disconnect from the main college

- Fewer Medicine related clubs and societies to get involved in and most events take place in Saskatoon




I'm sure one could think of more. I'm sure that both sites offer quality education. What you put into it is really what you get out of it regardless of where you are.

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On that last point, with more junior students it will be very easy to start/expand interest clubs to Regina. With only JURSIs there, who have usually already decided, there's not much point. But many of the specialists are very enthusiastic. In fact, for most specialist and subspecialist rotations, you will be one-on-one with them. That basically doesn't happen any where else in Canada.


Because of the way Regina is set up, the JURSIs there actually see each other more than in Saskatoon, and there is a closer connection with residents because there are fewer of them and the lounge is a shared space.

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