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Hi Medical15


I read the med MMI section here and found a few things that helped me out when I did the MMI for Manitoba.


*I read Doing Right: A Practical Guide to Ethics for Medical Trainees and Physicians, Philip C. Hebert.

- I found this helpful for getting your mind orientated to the issues in medicine. There is a lot of information but it is an interesting read and you begin to understand the vocabulary and way of thinking that is needed.


*- MSC Medical - Multiple Mini Interview Questions Book & Training DVD

- This book was very helpful. It gave an outline on how to plan out your answers although on the actually MMI I realised that it was more of a discussion then you just talking for 10 min. The book also has loads of practice questions and discusses how to answer them. The DVD was okay, it didn't offer much.


As for practicing, I did it on my own. It depends on how you learn. I thought of joining an MMI group but the thought of comparing myself to other people made me more nervous than the actually MMI. I just practiced getting comfortable talking. The main thing is to state both sides of the issue as well as giving your stance and reason. The most important thing of all for the MMI is to BE YOURSELF!! :)


I hope this helps



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