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UoT High Waitlist Movement

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I was wondering why the UoT waitlist moved so much. Do people prefer other schools that much or is it because of the higher class size means greater declines of offers, but still a relatively similar proportion to other schools?


My guess, UWO, UoT double admmision ( maybe over 30 or 40 )

So, it could move 20 each school.

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I think you must realize that there may be many reasons for people to decline their offer. Some med hopefuls apply to dentistry as their backup, and decline once they get into med school. Some people may want to move out of Toronto as they've lived there their entire life. Some people are from Western Canada and want to stay there. Some people just have a change of heart on what they want to do. It is also important to note that you have just as many people declining from other schools as well.


The point is, we can't assume that a declination of an offer is any indication about the quality of the school. People will have their preference, but there is no right or wrong. Although choosing where to study for the next 4 years is a substantial decision, you have to respect your gut feeling. Dental school is going to be your experience, and you want it to be enjoyable, so go where you feel you will enjoy yourself; no one else will care where you went!


From what I gathered from your other thread, you seem to have gotten a good vibe from UBC, and almost seem inclined towards it. In my honest opinion, it would seem like UBC would be a good fit. But you may well decide on UofT, which is perfectly fine. What is important is that you are completely comfortable with your decision, and you don't set yourself up for regrets later in life (i.e. "I wish I went there"). It is only you who knows which deciding factors you hold most important.


Whatever you choose, I wish you all the best.

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