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1st Time Grad Applicant - Advice?

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Hi Everyone,


I've been going through this thread for a while learning about applying to American schools but since this is my first time I'm planning to apply I was hoping to get some advice from people about my application.


I'm currently a masters student finishing by the summer, my AMCAS gpa would likely be around a 3.9 (although my English courses were quite low) with a 4.0 grad gpa and my mcat was a 30Q (10,10,10) after my 3rd time writing. My ECs are pretty decent but nothing extraordinary (club execs, hospital/nursing home volunteer, residence don, tutor for 6+ yrs, a few good scholarships, and of course grad stuff - 1 pub, 2 second author manuscripts, poster presentations, etc.) Based on the forums it doesn't seem like I've got a great shot at American schools because of my mcat, but I guess its worth a shot. I know I have a decent shot at Canadian schools (2 interviews and on the waitlist at Ont schools) and plan to apply everywhere this year but of course everyone knows how competitive it is here.


I don't want to risk re-writing my mcat since I have a 10 in verbal and it was my 3rd time writing. Does anyone have any advice or tips on what they think my chances are as a grad student or perhaps what schools like grad students. Any tips on schools to apply to would be appreciated as well. Thanks for your help!

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