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Hey guys,


I made a mock timetable for McMaster Life Sciences next year, and I was wondering if you guys could take a look at it, and tell me:

1) If you think the course load is fine

2) If my classes are spaced out evenly

3) If the courses I took will fulfill the requirements for Canadian and American medical schools


I will also most likely be taking Physics 1BB3, a math course, and and English course in the summer.



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It's as evenly spaced out as a 1st year LifeSci schedule can possibly get. Having your evenings free will help out with either studying, extracurriculars or partying.


I suppose if you want to apply everywhere in North America, make sure to take Chem 2OA3, 2OB3 and a Biochem next year.


Also, there are tons of clubs at McMaster but don't fall into the freshman trap of joining every club and becoming a casual member. Choose a couple of clubs that you would enjoy devoting a substantial amount of your time towards and stay with that club for the next four years.


Edit: And pick up some Anthro/PoliSci/Econ in second year as well.

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