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Prereq Question (2nd undergrad)

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Sorry if this is a repost, please feel free to direct me to appropriate posts.


I am looking for clarification re: prereqs. I am starting a second undergrad in the fall, and have transfer credits from first undergrad. Therefore, I technically have all prereqs for say, Ottawa U meds, with the exception of biochem which I will take.


Most of my prereq grades from my first undergrad are very poor (Bs and Cs), therefore, they would be transferring.


What (if any) is the advantage of redoing the prereq science classes ?

As far as I can tell so long as they are complete, they should not be redone, but wouldn't redoing them essentially 'prove' to adcoms of ability?



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I would check and see if you are even able to redo certain classes. I know that some universities will not let you re-take courses if you passed them the first time around. I know because for my second undergraduate degree, they wanted me to update my biochemistry course (despite the fact that I obtained 91 in it the first time around) because it is an important foundation for my current program (nutrition). I had to obtain special permission to re-take it, because normally they do not let you redo courses that you have previously passed at my current university. So first check and see if it is even a possibility.

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