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Housing - MUN, St. John's


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Hey there,


I'm looking for a couple of roommates. I have a newer home (7 years old) in the Stavenger area on a quiet street. 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bath. Driveway parking for 3 vehicles.


Here's the deal...I bought a house in St. John's this past year with the hopes of one day attending Med School at MUN. I'm from NL and was planning to apply to MUN this past year, but things weren't lining up for me. I am writing the MCAT this Aug and plan to apply this fall. If the med school path doesn't work out, well at least I have a house :)


I work with the Government of Canada and am hardly ever "home". I'm probably only in St. John's for about 50 days of the year. I'm actually above the magnetic north pole at the moment (80 degrees on Ellesmere Island).


So I am looking for some roommates, as my house is currently sitting in St. John's and empty.


If its something that you might be interested in, or know someone who might... Feel free to contact me.

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