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Hello Everyone!


I have been reading through people's posts and comments on this board and have found myself wanting your opinion. I will be getting an "official" opinion from the admissions departments of the concerned universities but I would love to know what other successful or unsuccessful applicants have to share.


I graduated from University four years ago and I have a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy. I have been practicing for over 3 years in a geriatric hospital and I also spent a year abroad (husband's job). As much as I enjoy my job, medical school has always been a dream and working in the medical field I see what a difference more doctors in this particular field could make. What makes this situation difficult is that I wish to remain in Quebec to attend university. My husband has an amazing job that I would not want him to change.

My overall GPA is my biggest worry as I failed a course in my first year. I have a 3.18 overall GPA. My last two semesters I had 3.89 and 3.95 GPA's so I can achieve higher grades.

My question is now should I return to school and take enough courses to raise my GPA? I'm I even able to do that without starting a new degree?

I would love to know people's take on the situation is and what you think my options are.

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Why would Mcgill be my first choice? Admission requirements?

If it's the language, that's not an issue. I went to french school for most of my schooling, including Cegep.


I believe you will need a second degree for McGill. I don't know the story or Sherby, UdeM or Laval in the circumstances of your case, but you should communicate with adcoms to find out. Every one of our 4 med schools are excellent.

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Definitely contact the various schools. McGill may even actually overlook your first semester (as they seemingly did for me) but may ask you to retake your basic sciences/do the MCAT to increase your academic scores.


As for the French schools, they are unforgiving. My experience is, they see 1 extremely bad grade or 1 mediocre semester and you're pretty much out of the running. But since your situation is different from mine, I highly recommend you email them personally to ask.


Let us know what sorts of responses you get from the various schools!


(And, don't forget that UOttawa is pretty close as well. I had a friend who did his Bachelors - i know, less intensive than med for sure - at Concordia while working in Ottawa and living in Montreal. Keeping this option in mind opens up the door for another school!)

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