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Anyone else noticing lots of errors in TPR books


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Anyone else noticing lots of errors in TPR books: elite, workbook, cracking the MCAT 2010-2011 version, etc?


I've been doing their practice passages and every once in awhile, there would be errors in the questions or MC options...


mixing words like osteoblast and osteoclast when they have opposite functions... calcitonin and PTH etc...


mentioning a term you never heard of in the MC options when it cannot be found anywhere in the passage (and suppose to be in the passage according to the answer explanations)...


and many more (minor?) mistakes over the past couple of month of reading. this is nothing major i guess but it is annoying sometimes.

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EK is like that too and its very frustrating.


You spend 2 hours carefully going over every concept in the lecture, then do the assigned in class exam for said lecture, only to find questions that ask things that weren't even covered in the lecture.


I stopped relying on the prep books alone for the past few weeks now. Lets say a lecture is talking about a specific topic, i just use my old notes to study that section, works way better this way, much faster learning and much better performance on the sample problems.

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I am also using the TPR material for practice/prep.


I have 2 questions related to the biology questions in the workbook:


FSQ: Question 32:


The solutions show that the correct answer is A (reduced delivery of polypeptides to endosomes). I remember from reading the chapters that peptide hormones function via activating a secondary messenger cascade since they are not internalized into the cell (like steroid hormones are). I don't understand how the correct answer for that question could be A.


Passage 23: Question 7: The ER lumen closely resembles the .......Answer: extracellular environment. The readings state that the ER lumen is contiguous with the nuclear membrane, so would it not closely resemble the environment found in the nucleus?


I agree with you guys that the readings seem to teach something and the questions/answer choices state something different. Anyways, can someone else who is also using this material let me know if they also had the same problem with the above 2 questions or if there is another way to think about the concepts in those questions.



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