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need suggestions!!!!

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Hi Im starting my 2nd year in U of S this september, and Ive chosen

Soc 111,Kin 121,Psy120, BMSC 200, STAT 245 for the first term and

BMSC 230, BIOL 224, SOC112, ANTH111, ECON114 for the second term.

Can anyone tell me if it is too overwheming or not? And if there is any course that are too hard?


And is it better for me to just stay in Arts and Science or choose a major in order to go into medicine?


And I was also wondering about the changes to the addmission to medicine in the future. is there going to be a change for sure? is 2year competitive average thing not effective anymore? And Ive also heard about the accreditation problem that u of s medicine is facing right now. does anyone know what it is excatly?

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I think these courses are reasonable, and in fact a great choice...but you would still have to work hard particularly if you are interested in getting average in 90s, so you don't want to necessarily think of your course load as 'easy' but rather manageable.


As long as you do well in your courses, you don't need to transfer out of College of Arts and Science.


I am not too sure of the changes being made by College of Medicine as these changes are not made public yet, and I cannot tell whether there will surely be a change...


College of Medicine has received only warning based on, I believe, 10 grounds in 2011, and they are working on improving....http://www.medicine.usask.ca/concept/ College%20of%20Medicine%20Concept%20Paper.pdf


Hope that helps!

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Honestly... Courses like 210, 240... Aren't that bad at all... I know people that got high 90's in them.... As Well, you'll be completing your degree within the time limit (instead of pushing it back) and will also get an intro into the different fields there are (anat & cell bio, bioch...) and you're 3rd year won't suck (and it will SUCK trust me with those courses)


But if you're scared and terrified... Don't do the courses and screw yourself in the future....

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Thanks for all the suggestions!!!!

Im glad to hear that the courses Ive chosen are 'reasonable' ones and that the course load is not too heavy:D


But, I have a question to ask to David_007.

U saying that I should get into major bynext year,right?


I was kind of worried that there might be some upper science courses that are only open to students in specific majors.


If I should get into a major, Im thinking about getting into Physiology&Pharmacology or Anatomy&Cell Biology. Do you know which one would be a better choice?

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