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Second Degree dilemma


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Hey everyone,


So I've just finished third year of my BSc with a crappy cGPA and have applied to another university to start fresh. I didn't think too much of it as I haven't heard back from them in a while so I have already planned my next year (perhaps splitting the last year to two so I can leave room for some easy courses and bring up my GPA)


However, recently I just found out that I got accepted to a BA program at another university, they gave me third year standing meaning in two years I can basically finish a BA and I'll also be starting fresh in terms of my GPA.


So now I'm stuck...I've already basically planned out my next year at my current uni (found a house, applied for OSAP, registered for classes...)


Option 1: Finish my BSc Honours in two years by taking easy courses that will bring my GPA up. And perhaps apply to Queen's/Western that will look at my best two years.


Option 2: Take the BSc General degree I have so far and do two years at another uni to get a BA Honours in two years. Problem with this is I will need to start fresh (find a place to live, register, move really far) and I'm not exactly sure how well I can do with Arts courses as I haven't written an essay in years...the only good thing is I'll be starting fresh in my GPA

So the question is, which is better?


What do you mean starting fresh? Have you looked at the admission requirements for all the med schools you want to apply to? Some (UofT, Mac) look at your entire undergrad work (first and second degree) while others will look at the last/best 2 years.


I think doing 2 more years of full-course load in your current degree would be a better option in your case. This way you also save money by not moving away and finding a place to live.


I don't know what your GPA is but if you could pull it up to 3.8+ in each of your next 2 full time years, you have a good chance at western and queens, depending on your MCAT and to an extent your ECs. Ottawa could also be a shot if your 3rd year is at least a 3.7+. Mac puts less emphasis on GPA than other universities so you may have a shot there as well.

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