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Has anyone considered this field? As far as I know, only a few school offers them (UBC, Western, Dalhousie)


I contacted the admissions and they are quite competitive. If anyone is familar with the program, difficulty getting in, possible route to get into the program..could you please share?

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You should try and shadow an audiologist to see if it is something you would enjoy.

It is quite a repetitive kind of job.

I did SLP and we need to do a certain number of clinic hours etc in audiology and I never enjoyed it myself. Alot of the audiology and SLP courses overlap.


To find out about admission, just look at the websites. You'll also see curriculum, so you can see what the courses look like.


Various routes will get you admission, as long as you meet the prerequisites. Although most in my class had degrees in linguistics and a few bio, or psych.

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