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What are my chances? 3.70 GPA, 31P


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Hey guys, just wondering what are my chances so far, I've submitted july 15th, I just got verified today.


my scgpa is 3.74, ao is 3.54. my mcat is 9v 12b 10p. and a P obviously.




Edit: I don't have too much EC, I've shadowed for about a month in oncology/anaesthesia, and I've done a month of volunteering at a hospital overseas while visiting family.

Edit 2: I've applied to:

George Washington University Sch of Med & Hlth Sci

New York University

Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine

State University of New York Downstate Medical Cen

Wayne State University School of Medicine

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From the school list you have provided, you may have a shot at Wayne State, Rosalind Franklin, GWU and State University (SUNY) - the rest are up in the air, but unlikely. From the four I mentioned above, you could get 0-4 interviews as long as your personal statement, the way you describe ECs (you should have all 15 filled with decent ones) and your secondaries are done well. The unfortunate reality is that your stats are going to put you at the bottom of the pack, and it will be a tough climb for you. If I were you, I would seriously look into DO schools because the MD route may garner no result.

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