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Silly OMSAS Sketch Question

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So I feel kind of ridiculous asking a question about such a small detail that should probably be obvious, but here I go anyway:


I'm filling out the OMSAS sketch. For the "Hours" box in the Details section, do they want the total number of hours, or just the number of hours per week?


The instructions say:

Specify your education level, ie: 1st year of university. Indicate if the activity was during the summer or academic year, the hours per week and the number of years. Provide the location where the volunteer work took place and briefly describe your responsibilities.


I guess I'm mainly confused because the "Summer or Academic Year" box has a 100 character limit. But it only takes a few characters to say "Summer" or "Academic Year", so what's all the extra space for? How did everybody else fill this out?

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e.g. Hour box: 4 hrs/wk for a total of 2 years


There are many situations where you might need the 100 characters. For example, if you have different time commitment during different academic years or summers you might want to specify them.


e.g. Summer or Academic year: 3rd & 4th year of university as well as monthly meetings during the summer of 2010

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In regards to the extracurricular sketch items, we are asked to "Indicate the type of activity: individual activity, team activity or club activity (ie sports, arts, music, student governments, personal activities such as camping etc)"


Does this mean we state: "Individual Activity. followed by the description of the event?", or would I describe my involvement (individual, team, club, etc..) in the description such as:


"Represented student interests in regards to changes in student club administration & policy. Acted as liaison between student clubs & administration."



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