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MCAT no physics or ochem


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Hi guys,


I'm in an arts program. And I'm really nervous about taking the MCAT given my lack of science background. I have only taken Bio I@II and ChemI&II

I did well in bio and the first half of chem; but did very poorly on the second.


Is it possible to do well on the MCAT not having taken ochem and physics?

Is it possible to self teach these topics?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


PS. Im graduating this year and therefore don't have time to take physics/ochem.

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When do you plan to write the MCAT, cmarie? Do you feel you have time to study these extra subjects while you finish your degree requirements?


I agree that taking the diagnostic evaluation is a good idea. It will give you an idea where you have strengths and weaknesses. Good luck. :)

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If you can't take o'chem, see if you can come by the lectures. I took a course with Princeton, and I found that their "preparation" for Ochem is terrible; no rigorous treatment of subject, and over-ephasis on memorizing reactions rather than understanding.


If you honestly can't take a course, try getting

Organic chemistry as a second language I & II by Klein... it will run you to about $90, but, at least, you will learn the "thought pattern" required by organic chemistry... and, trust me, if you finish both of these workbooks you will own the orgo passages

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I've heard that there are like 15 questions on OCHEM, and that they aren't THAT difficult.


You're probably going to have to spend more time, but I'd think it's very doable.


I wouldn't bet on that... I had 2 awful orgo passages on mine, which I can guarantee you that I hadn't taken a course in orgo I would've been screwed for them...


and winging ~15 questions, out of which even half are modestly difficult, equals <12 score, even if you get perfect for the rest...

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