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OT Application 2013 -Experience/Interview

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Hi previous applicants/current OT students,


would you be able to tell me (the people who got into the OT program at UBC, UofA) what kind of experience you had and what you thought helped get you into the program (including in your interview)? This would be much appreciated!



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I only applied at the U of A. From what I understand, UA only looks at your subGPA for admissions. They rank everyone from highest to lowest based on the gpa of your last two years, and accept people based off of that. They say that those who took a full course load will be ranked above those who didn't. However, I did not take a full course load, and was still accepted. Aim to have a gpa of 3.5 for the minimum. 3.6 is better :)


I don't know if my work experience was taken into account or not. They say that it can enhance your application. When I applied I had had 2 years of experience working with people with disabilities in a group home setting. I worked full time while doing my undergrad, which accounted for why I did not take a full course load.


Hope that helps!

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Anyone know how GPA calculation for OT at UBC works?


2. Academic standing of a minimum B+ (76%) average based on ALL senior level courses (300 and 400 level) for which final grades are reported on your transcript at the time of the application deadline. ALL senior level courses, whether they are completed as a part of or outside your undergraduate degree, will be factored into your GPA calculation for the purpose of admission into the program. In order for an appropriate academic assessment to be performed, you must have completed at least 6 senior level courses at the time of the application deadline.


Does that mean GPA will be based on senior level courses only?


Does that mean that EACH senior level course has to be >B+?


Someone please explain

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