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Bio 228 -- Intro Ecology Ecosystems

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Hey guys!


I am thinking of taking this course in T1.. I find ecology very interesting. Have any of you taken it? How was it? MC tests or Short answer? I haven't spoken to anyone who has actually taken it yet so I just want to get a feel for what I might get into. MC tests or Short Answer or both?


I am hoping for this year to go to my 2 year average so would a 90+ be possible with hard work?


I have it with Phil McLoughlin and Jeff Hudson



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I haven't taken it Sebriz, but I think this outline might be helpful for you:





I do not know specifically about this course but I have heard from others that PLSC 213, Principles of Plant Ecology, is really easy. You can only take either BIOL 228 or PLSC 213.


Hope that helps!

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