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AAMC Ranking of Medical School Admission Factors


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Last year, a survey was submitted to 142 U.S. medical schools and the subset of Canadian schools that use the MCAT. The survey asked admission officers to rate the importance of various application data on admissions decisions. 113 of the U.S. medical schools responded to the survey. Overall, admission officers reported a wide range of data is important to admission committees’ decisions. However, the data are used differently in deciding whom to interview and accept into medical school. The results of the surveys were published in an article from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in September 2011. You can find the article for this at http://www.reelpremeds.com under the tab “Medical School Admission Factors”. It was interesting to see how other factors, besides MCAT and GPA, were important for interviews and admission

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