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Fill it out on the transcript page, as described below from the help guide, and send them your IB transcript.


C. Are using AP/IB credits as prerequisites (do not enter non-prerequisite AP/IB courses)

Adding School Year at Institution

-for country and province/state, choose Canada and BC, regardless of where you actually took the course

-select Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate as the School Name

-select No Degree for Degree Level

-select Other for Program of Study

-type “Prerequisites” in Other Program Name box

Adding course info

-type AP or IB for course number

-check the completed box

-for grade, select the score you received on the exam

-enter 6 credits

-check the prereq box

-select the appropriate course

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Thanks a lot DaKirbster! I totally forgot to check the app. manual before posting (I know, pretty dense of me).


Just another question: If my home university (not UBC) has already offered me IB transfer credits and granted me a university course equivalent that appears on my university transcript, do I still need to send the IB forms or will the university transcript alone be enough?

e.g. I took HL Biology... got a 7... my home university gives me a "Pass" for university Bio 101 and Bio 102 ... and these "passes" show up on my university transcript.


Thanks a lot, I know this must be a tough question. I have asked the UBC people and I am awaiting a response but they have given me really vague responses before so I was wondering if someone has gone through the same situation.


(btw, I'm only asking because I don't think my IB transcripts will make it in time)

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I emailed the UBC people and they replied with...

"Please read the Documentation Checklist. The link is in the Reminder Notice (4) email you received."


The Checklist is here: http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2012/07/Documentation-Checklist-Final.pdf.


At the bottom of the document it says:


"If you took the applicable courses in first or second year, or otherwise prefer to use appropriate university coursework instead of AP/IB credits to fulfill the prerequisite requirements, you do not need to submit AP/IB transcripts (do not enter your AP/IB credits on your application, either)"


Since I have the equivalent "university coursework" that appears on the university transcript, I would assume that the IB transcript is not required?


Thanks again for your help.

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