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Some questions about transcript and adding coursework

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First of all, this is going of come off as stupid but I'm gonna ask anyway because I need things to be clarified.


1) When you go to the application, you can enter a transcript request for your university. Once you add a request, does OMSAS itself contact/request the your university's registrar's office for an official transcript and how long does it take before the request is to the university? Also do universities send them online to OMSAS as per the request? For some reason, I always thought registrar's would have to send a hard copy of the transcript by mail.


2) I added in my institution and duration of my degree (2009-09 to 2013-04). Now, when I go to list the academic record/courses, I only see the years 2010, 2011, 2012. Is there something wrong here? If not then, do I enter courses for the year 2009-2010 under 2010, for year 2010-2011 under 2011, and for 2011-2012 under 2012? What about fourth year? Do med schools not want to know what you're taking in fourth year?


If someone could give me the correct info. on these topics, I'd really appreciate it.


Thanks. :)

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Yes to both of your questions :)


Once you've filled out the TRF on OMSAS, that is all you have to do to complete the transcript requirements (for ontario schools). I believe that a hard copy is sent to OMSAS, then they will distribute a copy the schools you have applied to.


For the school entries, Fall09 to Winter 10 is under 2010. If you're currently in your 4th year you don't have to enter in your current 4th year courses. I believe there is a spot to enter "expected date of conferral" which will let the schools know that you are in 4th year.

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