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Plants tested on DAT?

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I know I had another thread about this, but this is really bugging me.


From the CDA site, these topics in bio are tested.


Biology - origin of life; cell metabolism (including photosynthesis); enzymology; cellular processes; thermodynamics; organelle structure and function; mitosis/meiosis; biological organization and relationship of major taxa (using the five-kingdom system: monera, planti; anamalia; protista; fungi); Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology - structure and function of vertebrate systems (integumentary, skeletal, muscular, circulatory, immunological, digestive, respiratory, urinary, nervous/senses, endocrine, and reproductive); Developmental Biology - fertilization, descriptive embryology, and developmental mechanisms; Genetics: molecular genetics; human genetics; classical genetics; Chromosomal genetics; Evaluation, Ecology, and Behaviour: natural selection; population genetics/speciation; cladistics; population and community ecology; ecosystems; animal behaviour (including social).



So you are all telling me that biological organization of plants means that I need to know in depth how plants work, reproduce, etc? That seems more like function to me...


I feel like they just want to know taxonomy and names of plant species, not anything in particular about them...


Please help?


I don't think I can be too specific about this since I've written the DAT once and don't want to say any hints about the questions that I've seen. I would say you probably need to know more about it than you think.


For me, I've taken a Plant Physiology course in my second year so that helped a lot....


You might not want to go too in-depth, but it's not easy either. I.e. you might want to know something like plant hormones and their functions.

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I am also curious about what other resources are out there for the plant sections.


Missmathematics I see you mentioned in an another post you were using Campbell's texts. Do you have Kaplan as well? If so, is there a significant larger portion regarding plants in Campbells than Kaplan?



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