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second degree question

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Hey guys,


I already have a Bachelor of Honours in Biology Degree and now I would like to do a second degree. I was thinking of a General Arts degree with a Minor in German. I got advanced standing, so I will be entering in the 3rd year and would be done by next April. I would like to know if I needed to do an Honours degree instead of a General? I looked at Western, but I am not sure if I need to do an Honours again, as I already have one. Does anyone know? I know you guys may have been talking about this on the forum, but I just wanted to clarify....


I signed up for:

2nd year Polish or 3rd year Religion (Still haven't decided yet which course to take)

2nd year Music

4th year German

3rd year German

1st year Italian


What do you guys think?


Thanks guys ;-)

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