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Haven't taken a full course load. Another am I screwed thred?

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Never considered going to Med school a until around last year, and as a result my undergrad isn't exactly structured as most med schools want. (mostly due to work commitments)


B.Sc. Chemistry


1st Year: 28 credits, GPA: 3.51

2nd Year: 28 Credits, GPA 3.61

3rd Year: 23 Credits, GPA: 3.85

4th Year: 24 Credits, GPA: 4.0

5th Year: Coop + 15 Credits, GPA: 3.9

6th Year: Coop + 15 Credits, GPA: TBA


Cumulative GPA: 3.73 (OMSAS), 85.6% (UBC scale)


As I understand it UBC is fairly forgiving in regards to not taking a full course load, and I and luckily a British Columbian; however from what I've read I'm pretty much screwed for most other schools. Is this about right?

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