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Selling DAT Prep Material

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Hi everyone!


I was accepted this year and am now selling off my dat prep material. I used all the following material while preparing for the DAT so hopefully they'll be of use to someone else!


On sale:

Kaplan DAT with CD-ROM, Second Edition - $20


Kaplan DAT Seventh Edition (2010) - $25


Canadian DAT Survey of the Natural Sciences - Book 1 (IQ Publications) - $15

Canadian DAT Reading Comprehension - Book 1 (IQ Publications) - $25

How to Prepare for the Soap Carving Manual Dexterity Test of the Canadian DAT (IQ Publications) - $20

DAT Perceptual Ability Test - Form A (IQ Publications) - $10


Examkrackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning - $20

(yes it is an MCAT book but I wanted extra practice and didn't feel there were a lot of options when it comes to DAT reading comp prep)


I'm also selling 100 *used* carving soaps. Thought that maybe someone would like additional practice smoothing out planes etc. But I'll be selling a pack of 6 for $5 OBO.


If you have any questions or are interested in buying/haggling then just leave me a message!

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