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General/Organic chemistry and English prereqs


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I finished my undergrad at U of T St. George and now am looking to take prerequisites in Toronto for Gen/Org chem and English to apply to US dental schools, and perhaps medical schools.


I have already taken CHM138/139 at UTSG so I have half a year + lab for gen/phys chem. I also have half a year of a humanities course about the Islamic World which was writing intensive, but I think for safety I should just take a full year of English.


After searching through some threads here, I've found that CKCH106/107 at Ryerson Chang School can be used to fulfill the second half-year of physical chem. Upon looking up CKCH106, it seems it does not exist anymore, but CCHY103 also acts as a corequisite for CKCH107 so I am going to take CCHY103/CKCH107.


For organic chemistry, I hope to avoid taking CHM247 at UofT by also taking some Chang School courses. Is there any suitable course I could take? CKCH142/143 seems to have potential but I can't take it in the same year as CCHY103/CKCH107 due to prerequisite issues with the 2 courses. Is CHM247 as bad as I have heard? Or should I just bite the bullet and take it?


For English, are online courses okay to fulfill prerequisites? Any recommendations on courses, online or otherwise?


Finally, I am going to be taking 3.0 courses after these all add up (I am also planning on taking CBLG10A/B, an anatomy/physiology course at Chang school)


Is it going to hurt me if I have a year of only 3 courses? Should I just throw in 2 filler courses and make it a full year? In my undergrad, I had years with 5.0 courses, 4.5 courses, 5.5 courses, and 5.0 courses, and that one year of 4.5 courses really came back to haunt me. Is it different now since I have 4 years of undergrad under my belt or do I still need a full course load?

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