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Hey everyone, I just wanted to inform you guys on a prep course that UofA second year dental students teach in order to help you prepare for the DAT exam!



• Edmonton: Aug 24 (if enough interest), Sept 28, Oct 19, Feb 1

• Calgary: Aug 24 (if enough interest), Sept 28, Oct 19, Feb 1

• Lethbridge: Oct 19, Feb 1

• Vancouver: Oct 12, Feb 8

• Saskatchewan: Oct 12 Feb 8

• Winnipeg: Oct 12, Feb 8

• Toronto: Oct 12, Feb 8

• Halifax: Oct 12


What we offer:

- 2 days of instruction including a mock DAT

- DAT basics, hidden strategies, skills and tricks

- Carving instruction and PAT techniques

- Proven tips for manual dexterity and perceptual ability components

- PAT practice questions and resources

- Reading comprehension sample articles and questions

- Simulated evaluations and standings on the mock DAT

- 2 practice soaps, plus 1 soap for the mock DAT

- Interview breakdown and techniques to help you prepare

- Extensive instruction and practice

- A chance to gain experience and build confidence


Special Promotions:

Receive $100 off your Rock the DAT course for each friend you refer when they sign up for Rock the DAT in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Halifax! Receive $50 off for referrals in Edmonton or Calgary.* When prompted to by Paypal, put in name, course location and the name of your referral in "special instructions" box for rebate. Note that Rock the DAT reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time.


Want more chances to save money on your course? Like us on Facebook and write on our wall why you want to become a dentist to be entered in a draw to receive an additional $100 off your course.


More information: If you guys would like more info then feel free to email us at info@rockthedat.com or you could send us a message over facebook on our facebook page!


And make sure you check out our overhauled website http://www.rockthedat.com


Thanks everyone! Hope to see you there!

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Hey everyone! Just a quick bump since our first session is fast approaching! I can't stress enough how much this course helped me personally and it is one of the reasons why I am part of the few in my class who have chosen to teach it. This is a course put on by students that were in the exact same position as you were at one point and we hope to see you guys and gals at our multiple teaching locations!

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