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Sort of want to do nursing

Guest emersong

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Guest emersong

Hey, I'm entering grade 12 and I'm interested in working in health-care, either as a nurse or physician. A large reason for doing this is because I want to be able to live in different third-world countries & train locals to care for one another.


For a long time, I've been set on getting an MD after a science or engineering undergrad degree, but lately I've really been considering doing a BSN. That way, after just four years I could already be working as a nurse overseas (or in Canada idk), rather than just starting medical school, you know? Also, getting a BSN doesn't rule out an MD – I could apply to McMaster, Calgary, Memorial, and Western's MD programs (I think those are the schools with no formal list of prerequisites?) if I wanted (or I could just go back and do the prereqs lol).


Do you think that's a good idea? or do you have advice for me? hahah :)

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