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Hey guys


Sorry if this is in the wrong forum ; please feel free to move it to the right forum if that's the case. I am making room for some of my residency books and my mcat books need to go. Here is a list and te price beside it. I also have over 150 online tests that I am willing to sell for 50 dollars total.



The following items are for sale;



ExamKrackers biology 5th Ed -$15


ExamKrackers chemistry 5th Ed-$15


ExamKrackers organic chemistry 5th Ed flash card-$15


-$15 for the 3 items below

Kaplan simulated exam 1G

Kaplan Diagnostic test 1

Kaplan test #3 &5


ExamKrackers 1001 biology -$15

AudioOsmosis Audio files-full set-$55


ExamKrackers 16 mini MCAT-$20



Hyperlearnig Princeton Review textbook set (verbal and in compendium)


Princeton Review biological sciences -$10


Princeton Review science workbook-$10


Princeton Review verbal review-$10


150+ PDF files including Tests and review materials of all kind--$50


I am located in Toronto.


Email me at bmghad@gmail.com

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