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Can anyone give some insight?

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Hey all,


I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight considering my situation.


Long story short, my first degree was awful (I know the panel doesnt care about the reason - they just want to see high GPA)


1st degree, Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences

GPA: 2.7


Got a job as an Operating Room attendant in Emerg and Critical care, I thought this was fantastic and really enjoyed it. Definitely developed a passion (not to be cheesy) So, went back to school.


2nd degree: Honours Bachelor of Neuroscience and Mental Health

GPA: 3.8

(I was admitted to 3rd year standing due to previous credit from 1st degree)


Maybe some other things for consideration..


Work experience:

Surgical patient care attendant in Emergency and Critical Care

Surgical patient care attendant in Post-anaesthetic Care Unit

Official French Language Instructor

Ergonomic Coach; Health and Safety

Private Piano Instructor;


Research Experience:

Research Assistant, Vulnerable populations and Emergency Preparedness.


Volunteer experience:

Palliative Care and Respite worker

Orientation Facilitator

Bereavement and Family Support worker


I do have very strong references from my professors and docs at the hospital, whom are all very supportive. However, I do have to be realistic. I may be a late bloomer... but I feel as though my first degree will absolutely haunt me in this case. Would anyone have some insight for me?


I will be taking my MCAT this September, and depending on how well I do I may or may not write again. Also, keeping options open, I will be applying to master's program for next fall.


I understand medicine is extremely competitive, and I do want to be realistic with myself. I have truly developed a passion for medicine (and the paediatric field) and dream of one day becoming a family physician.

Do I have a shot in hell...? Would anybody have any suggestions / recommendations?

Thank you for reading, it is truly appreciated. (sorry for the long post)

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Would you happen to know if all Canadian schools would look at my first degree combined with my second? that would make my GPA still too low.

(Im sorry for my ignorance, I am still trying to research)

Or would some school just look at my second degree, and possible master's, in the future?


Thank you kindly for your reply. Its much appreciated.

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MCMaster depending upon VR & Casper.


Assuming OP did 4-years for his/her 1st undergrad and 2 years for the second, they'd just be above the 3.0 cut-off for Mac. Not a very good place to be.


You can add Dalhousie to your list though. And if you meet the course-load/level/MCAT requirements for Western than you have a very good shot of landing an interview.

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Thank you for your reply,


In regards to Mcmaster; is this because they will be looking at all UG years compiled together?


As for Dalhousie, do they too consider last two years?


Here's a bit of a problem, during my second degree which (which is two years) the first year of which I had to require specific requirement for that program, therefore I had to take a first year calculus etc, and my courses were not 3/5 at the 300+ level and up. However my last year is all 3rd and 4th year classes. Does this count me out for Western?


I am applying for a master's at the moment, if I had a master's completed by the time I apply in Canada.. would this change my situation at all?


Thanks for all your help,

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