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Word limit for the referees

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It doesn't appear that way.


Considering the referee is asked to comment on one time where you displayed X characteristic, I don't think adcom would be expecting enormous replies. (My guess is that anything past 1000 words would be becoming excessive.)


Given the nature of the second box, hopefully it's short and sweet.

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I know that Part I of the reference form is 150 words limit but is there a word limit for Part 3 ( for each category) ?


Thanks in advance


Further to your question, I found this reply to a candidate last year on the U of C blog as answered by Dr. Ian Walker:




This makes sense. I had another question, is there a limit to the number of words a referee can use in the space provided to answer the two questions?



Dr Ian Walker:


I don’t think so, but I could not swear to it. If there is a limit, it is generous, as we don’t want to cut people off.

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