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same role but different places

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I have a question in terms of grouping the sketches.

I don't want mine to look padded....but


I volunteered as a note-taker for one university and then did a fifth year at another university, where I also volunteered as a note-taker.


The time line is different, so is the institution....and also verifiers are different as well

but most importantly, the role is the same.


Would you recommend putting this under one heading? If so, any ideas how?

or just two different headings? Would it sound padded?

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What do you think about same (research) job, same lab, different summers, different award name (1 was NSERC, 1 was university-funded)?


separate due to the nature of the funding (emphasize the difference in funding and indicate the continuous nature of the project). Again, just general advice -I'm not an adcom.

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