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Supplemental information form - 5yr rule

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Hey guys,


The instructions on this form say that "only activities completed in the last 5 years will be used in the assessment of your detailed submission."


Any thoughts on if this 5 years is counted from Sept 1st. 2008 or just the year 2008 in general? The reason I ask is because I traveled abroad in the summer of 2008 to do some volunteering...but technically it would be a few months shy of the 5 year rule so I'm not sure if I should include it?


Also I received 4 awards in 2007...should I leave these out since it was six years ago.


I'm a grad student so unfortunately many of my awards/activities are from approximately 5 years ago.


I know this is a bit subjective, but if anybody had thoughts on this it would be really helpful!



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Hey guys - Just spoke with Carolyn via email, and you can definitely add things that you did >5 years ago. She told me that the five year rule is only there because the majority of applicants are undergrads who went to university right after high school. Apparently they want to discourage applicants from discussing extra-curriculars that were done while in high school. So if you got 'em, put 'em :)


That's a quote from another thread....so it sounds like you can add the stuff you did in 2007 and 2008, especially if it was post-high school :)

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