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My Chances?

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I plan to apply as broadly as I can but I would love some feedback regarding how strong of an international applicant I would be considered.


UG year 1: science gpa = 3.38 (9 courses), other gpa = 4 (1 course)


UG year 2: science gpa = 3.64 (8 courses), other gpa = 4 (2 courses)


UG year 3: science gpa = 3.90 (6 courses), other gpa = 4 (4 courses)


Summer Courses between year 3/4: gpa = 3.77 (4,4 - econ, 3.3 - english)


UG year 4 (projected): science gpa = 3.92 (9 courses), other gpa = 4 (1 course)


OVERALL: science gpa = 3.66 (29 courses), non-science gpa = 3.95 (14 courses), cgpa (33 courses) = 3.76


Will take another english course this summer, but mark won't appear on transcript.


MCAT (2012): 12/11/11 R (PS/VR/BS WR)

PS: Have any Canadian friendly schools announced their new MCAT policy with the new 2015 one coming out?


ECs: part time work (800 hours+) all throughout undergrad (manager at subway restaurant), vp/exec committee of a couple of clubs (3 years), hospital volunteering, 200 hours with local Hindu community center, some odd tutoring/babysitting in highschool, a few short term volunteering positions, have recently started at local old age home (Alzheimer's).


Reasearch/Awards: A few gpa based awards, one conference based abstract pub


So basically I see people with 3.9+, 32+ get accepted to wayne state and what not, do I have a chance with my low gpa?


I appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks :)

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You are a competitive applicant to USMD schools. 3.76cGPA and 3.66 sGPA is fine, it is around the average. Your GPA is not low by any means(unless you're only applying to Canada) Anything in that ball park is adequate for most schools, they aren't as strict as Canadian schools.


The 34 is solid. ECs are good.


Apply broadly to all the USMD schools you can see yourself attending, and write well-thought out PS and secondaries.


Your 2012 MCAT should be fine for this upcoming cycle.

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Thanks for the feedback!


Yeah my chances at ontario schools aren't great but my gpa does get a boost with the variety of different weighing options and so it ends up being around 3.9 for most schools (except mcmaster of course).


Also do you know if american school in general expect masters students to complete their degree before enrollment (like uft). I may start a masters next year and was wondering if that would make me illegible to apply this upcoming summer.

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